Feibi Liu
Working for you

Fei-Bi Liu is a physician assistant, owner, and founder of several premier medical spas in Southern California.

He is CEO and founder of Skin Perfect Medical in 2004, Slender Choice Medical 2004, Skin Perfect Brothers 2006, and now launching Express Envy 2016. Within the first year, he has helped thousands of clients achieve happy results and radiant skin. He is one of the first entrepreneurs to combine medical weight loss and laser aesthetics in one location and is setting the trend for other medical spas.
FeiBi, since 2004, has been involved in helping thousands of clients achieve amazing non-surgical facial transformations and consulted for over 50 physicians and implementation in their medical aesthetics practice. Feibi is excited with the launch of Express Envy where he envisions his unique philosophy of bringing natural non-surgical skin tightening, smoothing and lifting to more people. He believes that the best results are achieved when clients co-create their natural desired younger look with one of his certified and trained Express Envy!

It’s all about hearing the “Customer’s desires” and working with them to use the right products and actively follow up to make sure the results are exactly what they want.